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Messi tears himself away from training, the strong words of a teammate in selection


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Leo Messi only appeared at the end of the match when Argentina won against Uruguay (1-0). The case of the six-fold Ballon d’Or was closely scrutinized from Paris. It must be said that Leo Messi had missed the last two outings of PSG after hamstring pain and that the prospect of his tenure against Uruguay, long announced, was not to the taste of the leaders of the club in the capital .

Finally, Lionel Scaloni did not decide to take any risk and only brought in his star in the last quarter of an hour. However, Leo Messi wanted to play well, as his goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, confided in comments reported by The team : “He always wants to be present. It is an animal in training. But since he was not 100% he decided not to force it and that seems good to me. However, it seems difficult to imagine Messi sitting on the bench again against Brazil in a few days.

to summarize

Leo Messi has returned from injury with Argentina against Uruguay. The six-fold Ballon d’Or was on the bench but came into play, while he had suffered for several weeks from hamstrings.

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