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mini scandal to come after a daring decision of the Crocs?


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Badly embarked in Ligue 2 where it only points to a lackluster 13th place, Nîmes Olympique won without trembling this afternoon against Chusclan-Laudun (3-0) in the 7th round of the Coupe de France. Nevertheless, a daring decision taken by the Crocs risks causing controversy!

Nîmes has taken its share of the revenue!

As the Free noon, on the decision of its president Rani Assaf, the Gard club decided to keep its share of the proceeds and did not give it to their opponent of the day, who is playing in R3. An amount that could have brought in a few thousand euros to the amateur club. A decision all the more surprising since the NO had left its share to Anduze a few years ago.

to summarize

While Nîmes Olympique has qualified for the rest of the competition in the Coupe de France, a decision it has taken is likely to cause controversy. Indeed, the Crocs decided on their share of the proceeds and did not donate it to Chusclan-Laudun.

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