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Navas, the big blow


Preferred to Gianluigi Donnarumma against Bordeaux on Saturday night on the 13th day of Ligue 1, Keylor Navas left feathers in Gironde. If he finished the match without showing any pain, the 34-year-old goalkeeper suffers from a large sprained right elbow with difficulty in extending the limb, according to a statement released this Sunday by the Costa Rican federation.

“The goalkeeper had received a severe blow to the right elbow and had started to inflate on the plane on the return trip to Paris. After an MRI it was determined that the player suffered from a sprain with difficulty in extending the limb ”, can we read.

Back to Paris

The former Real Madrid goalkeeper will thus return to the capital to be treated and will therefore be forfeited for the next matches in Costa Rica. For its part, the Paris Saint Germain has not communicated on the injury of his player, for the moment.

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