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new cold snap for Sergio Ramos’ comeback?


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Will Sergio Ramos finally make his debut with PSG after this international break? While the Spanish defender who arrived from Real Madrid has still not worn the PSG jersey, whether in an official or friendly match, the signals of the last few days seem rather favorable.

Indeed, the Parisian announced yesterday that Sergio Ramos had participated in the collective training of the week, and even in an opposition with young people of the club where he would have shown himself rather to his advantage. The Spanish defender therefore finds his way back slowly. Of the very high level, it is yet another thing.

Several months before being really fixed on his return

The traumatologist and Spanish sports doctor Pedro Luis Ripoll, interviewed by the Spanish media El Confidencial, has indeed confided on the return of Sergio Ramos on the ground. And according to him, we will have to wait several more months to know if the defender of PSG will have the ability to evolve at the highest level.

“It’s been a year since he started playing with knee problems. Since then he has been trying to overcome the injury and what he wants now is difficult. He wants to find the elite in a team that demands maximum competitiveness. It’s difficult after six months without competition. But another player in his situation would have retired. He would have given up. Sergio had surgery in February and wants to be competitive again. I have no doubt. It’s Sergio Ramos and he’s used to having surprises in store for us. When are we going to see the best Sergio Ramos again? It is still an unknown, but it would be necessary to wait between two and three months to know if it achieves the objective of returning to play regularly. From there, we will know, ”assured the doctor.

to summarize

While the clues from Camp des Loges are rather favorable concerning the return of Sergio Ramos, voices are already being raised to calm things down. His return to the highest level is not yet for now.

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