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OL announce the resumption of the match against OM


1h15 after the interruption of the debates between OL and OM, in the 4th minute of an Olympico interrupted by a bottle throw received head-on by Dimitri Payet, the Lyon speaker announced the resumption of the meeting.

Communication from the Rhone states that the match will be definitively interrupted in the event of a new overflow observed. The broadcaster of the game, Prime Video, affirming for his part that the referee of this shock of the 14e day of L1, Mr. Buquet, was not favorable to the resumption.

Under pressure from the prefecture in particular, for a question of maintaining public order, the meeting is therefore supposed to start again soon. Still, the Marseillais are clearly not ready to return to the lawn. As in Nice on August 22. Especially since Dimitri Payet remains ” stunned and shocked “By his aggression and” is not able to play tonight », Reports Prime Video.

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