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OL – OM incidents: Lyon communicates for the ticket holders of the match


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Sunday evening, the spectators present inside the Groupama Stadium saw a few minutes of play between OL and OM before the bottle throw on Dimitri Payet which led to the end of the match, but above all had to wait long before being fixed on the follow-up to the evening, before Ruddy Buquet decides for the suspension of the meeting.

Obviously, the supporters who only saw a snatch of football were unhappy, and the question of their tickets arises, especially since it seems complicated to imagine the meeting taking place again with spectators.

Through a press release, OL said that everything would depend on the decision of the disciplinary committee on November 8. “Once this decision is known, we will communicate the follow-up to you and inform you of the measures put in place at the commercial level concerning your ticket,” Lyon announced on Tuesday.

to summarize

As the meeting between OL and OM could not take place, the question of the spectators present at Groupama Stadium arises. The gone club has just communicated on the subject. By announcing that the decision of the disciplinary committee would be decisive.

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