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OM: the Marseillais do not want to resume, the referee will have to decide!


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The imbroglio continues! While the Olympique Lyonnais players are back on the pitch to resume the match despite the bottle throwing on Dimitri Payet, the Olympique de Marseille players have so far refused to resume the match. They remain for the moment in the locker room, and the resumption of the match remains suspended. As the Rhône-Alpes Region indicates, the decision now rests with the referee of the match. Dimitri Payet, for his part, would not be in a state to resume. At last,

to summarize

After the incident on Dimitri Payet, the players of Olympique de Marseille (OM) do not want to resume the meeting despite the forcing of OL. The imbroglio continues in this match which will sadly go down in the history of Ligue 1.

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