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Pochettino, “an invisible style”


Even if the results have been good since the start of the season, the content of Paris Saint-Germain matches questions the quality of Mauricio Pochettino’s work.

It may not yet be the time for criticism, but at least the time for doubt. Arrived last January on the bench of Paris Saint Germain, Mauricio Pochettino has not yet rallied all the skeptics to his cause, far from it, with the performances of the club in the capital. After a difficult end of last season, marked by the loss of the title to Losc and many defeats, the Argentine technician could rely on extenuating circumstances: a workforce decimated by injuries, a truncated preparation because of the crisis sanitary facilities, and the fact that it arrives during the season.

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For the current financial year, Pochettino no longer has the right to make mistakes. Not with the XXL recruitment carried out by its leaders this summer. For the moment, the start of the season is therefore mixed. PSG is at the top of its championship, and its group in the Champions League, with only one defeat on the clock, a day without in Rennes. But like the success painfully torn against Leipzig (3-2) Tuesday night there is still a mixed feeling surrounding the Pochettino team.

Work appreciated internally

While he had declared on his arrival that he wanted to win with style, Pochettino is unable to impose his ideas, or at least to make them obvious on the pitch. AS even evokes a « style invisible » for the former coach of Tottenham. It is difficult to know if Pochettino wants to make PSG a team that takes matters into their own hands, with strong possession, or a very strong formation in transition, which would rely on the speed of Kylian Mbappé to play against. At the same time, the emptiness of the Argentinian press conferences does not help to get an idea on the subject.

However, the picture is far from being all black. In front of Leipzig, Pochettino pulled off an interesting tactical move by switching to a 3-5-2 which allowed his team to win, managing the Germans’ pressing (a little) better. And internally, The Parisian indicates that his work is appreciated by the players, especially his human management. This PSG is renowned for being first and foremost a workforce with strong individualities, more than an impressive collective. If Pochettino manages to manage his stars, it is already a first step. To know if this will be sufficient, it will probably be necessary to wait until the end of spring …

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