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Pochettino can’t take it anymore, a connoisseur warms up the Zidane slope!


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Mauricio Pochettino at Manchester United and Zinédine Zidane at PSG? What seemed like a totally crazy rumor for a few days is becoming more and more important with the days. The entourage of the Argentine coach seems to send clear messages to England about his desire to take up a new challenge, and more particularly that of Manchester United. Latest information to date, that of ESPN describing a Pochettino frustrated by his Parisian adventure, with in particular the constant feeling of never being safe in the medium and long term …

The English media is also relaunching the Zinédine Zidane track in Paris! ESPN ensures that if the place becomes available, Zidane will seriously consider the Parisian adventure. A version confirmed by a connoisseur of the Zidane case, namely Frédéric Hermel, close to the former coach of Real Madrid in his Madrid time to the point of devoting a book to him.

Hermel opens the door to Zidane at PSG

On the RMC antenna, Hermel validated the Zidane track, and in particular the contacts with the Qataris / “Zidane did not tell me, but I know that he was contacted by Qatar. He did not necessarily receive a direct offer, but that he had contacts, it is obvious. The grown-ups of football all contact each other regularly, ”says Frédéric Hermel. According to the journalist, Zidane’s entourage encourages him in particular to put aside his Marseille roots to consider the Parisian challenge. “You are a professional, and when you are a coach, you can train Paris Saint-Germain”, one would dictate to him.

For Zidane, the priority of the moment would remain the France team. But the uncertainty about getting the job in 2022 is a weighty argument … “Zidane is waiting for the France team. Afterwards, you never know what can happen … I say that it is not impossible, even if it is not topical, that he goes one day to PSG. Yes, he is waiting for the France team. But can we say today with certainty that Deschamps will leave after the World Cup in Qatar? If he does a great result, and he wants to stay? “Asks the connoisseur of the Zidane case.

to summarize

The situation of Mauricio Pochettino and Zinédine Zidane seems linked in recent days, and the possibility of seeing the latter at PSG swells. Indeed, it seems that the possibility of seeing Zidane in Paris is taking more and more depth.

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