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Pochettino says more about Messi’s injury, defends his game plan


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As usual, Mauricio Pochettino, coach of Paris Saint-Germain, was present in front of the press ahead of the Champions League match against Leipzig tomorrow. And as often, the Argentine technician was very careful in his words. First, and this is what was expected, he gave news of Lionel Messi, package for the trip to Germany after a glitch occurred this Friday against LOSC: “We hope that the evolution of Lionel Messi will be good and that he can be with us as quickly as possible, ”he said, giving no real indication of his return.

Subsequently, he spoke about the quality of the game of his family, at the center of attention since the remarkable media release of his sports director Leonardo: “We have an idea for a project, we are putting it in place. in a team building phase and we give priority to developing certain sectors. (…) The game system is a starting point. But we like to talk about game animation. start with 4 or 3 defenders, etc. This flexibility requires understanding. “

Finally, he did not hesitate to highlight the importance of Angel Di Maria, decisive against Lille: “All the players are important, but some shine on their own. All the players have a role to play . Angel brings balance to the team, he brings his experience. It’s important to have players like him on a team. “

to summarize

PSG move to RB Leipzig’s lawn tomorrow in the Champions League. Mauricio Pochettino was present at a press conference today, here are his statements concerning Lionel Messi and his injury, his game project …

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