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Politics: Eric Zemmour wants to impose “quotas of foreign players”


Guest on the Pierre Ménès platform, “ Pierrot football », Eric Zemmour was questioned on many football topics.

The polemicist, who could be a candidate for the presidential election, regrets the football of yesteryear.

He thus deplores the introduction of the Bosman judgment in 1995 which, according to him, distorted football: “Since the Bosman judgment it is money that has made the successes in European Cup matches. […] The Bosman ruling banned the quotas of foreign players in football ”.


According to Zemmour, the Bosman judgment had several unfortunate consequences for European and French football: “In the great Saint-Etienne team, there were two foreign players. We knew them. There was Osvaldo Piazza the Argentinian and there was Ivan Curkovic the Yugoslav. At the time, Yugoslavia existed. And all the others were French players.

“First of all, it made it possible to have a real pool of players in each country, they were not replaced, overwhelmed by foreign players that we bought from everywhere. Secondly, it allowed a real balance: it was not the richest clubs that bought all the best players, which is happening today and suddenly matches and competitions are always played between the same clubs.

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“And third, it allowed clubs that had a real effective training center to break through. We had Ajax Amsterdam in the 1970s, we had Saint-Etienne in the 1970s, we had other clubs, even Auxerre who was very poor and who rose very high in European competitions.

“Last thing, it also allowed France to have clubs that were a little better supplied and which kept their players. “

When Pierre Ménès asks Eric Zemmour what should be done to remedy the Bosman judgment, the latter immediately replies: “I would hand over quotas of foreign players for the whole of Europe. It has to be balanced. Platini tried, it’s not a fad that I have. Platini tried when he was UEFA president and he failed. I know it’s doomed to fail. Ideally, I would hand over quotas for foreign players. “


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