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PSG, a change of captain claimed!


Marquinhos is exemplary defensively and sets an example with his behavior, but Jérôme Rothen believes that PSG must change captain in the near future …

Four and a half months after his signing at PSG and more than 6 months after his last match with Real Madrid (it was on May 5th), Sergio Ramos should (finally) debut in the red and blue tunic. The Spanish defender, 34, has been preparing for several weeks and could participate in the meeting of the leader of Ligue 1 against Nantes, in the wake of the international window, Saturday, November 20 (5 p.m.).

A long-awaited return that ignites Jérôme Rothen. In his show on RMC on Thursday, the former Parisian attacking midfielder announced that Ramos was going to “ become the real leader of PSG “And add:” I will even go further, he must become the future captain of Paris Saint-Germain. For the simple reason that this guy has won everything, he has known everything. He took teams, guys with him, he transformed Varane and it showed when he was not there at Real and in the France team ».

Marquinhos is not respected

Marks, since last season and the departure of Thiago Silva, is nevertheless an exemplary captain, imperial in his defensive interventions and irreproachable in his behavior. But, according to Rothen, if the Brazilian defender ” has many qualities, he lacks one thing, it is to be the real leader with the coach “. Especially since ” he is not respected as he should be respected, the players do not necessarily listen to him and that is why we have a team cut in two, and not since this year ».

The presence of Ramos will obviously solve many problems. ” His presence will reassure Kimpembe, will also give less weight to Marquinhos », Says Rothen, who continues:« he will do Pochettino a favor tactically. The defense at 3, I think that the salvation of PSG goes through there, in cohesion. The team block is what makes it possible to win major competitions and there is none. The 3-way defense will solve this “. We can’t wait to see Ramos reframe Lionel Messi as he did with Cristiano Ronaldo …

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