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PSG, OL, OM, ASSE … Ligue 1 referees at the heart of a world first?


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The Ligue 1 always more at the forefront of innovations? In any case, this is the wish of Vincent Labrune, the boss of the Professional Football League. As explained by the team, the boss of the League, formerly at the head of the Olympique de Marseille, intends to be a pioneer with the referees, and in particular in terms of microphones. “French arbitration has always been favorable to innovations, we are ready to participate in this experiment. We have nothing to hide”, describes Pascal Garibian, the boss of French arbitrators, to the daily.

The referees are for

Following a consultation organized with 20 men in yellow, 60% said they were in favor of such an experiment. The LFP wants to be inspired by the rugby model, which, for years, has implemented this. All sighted people are in the green, on the side of the actors as well as those in charge, to develop this on the grounds of the hexagon. “Explaining the reasons for the decisions would be a good thing. The first step, in my opinion, will be to make the conversation between the VAR and the central referee public. And then, in a second step, we will move to total transparency, that is, that is to say listen to what the players say to the referees. It will undoubtedly be necessary “, explains to the team Arsène Wenger, who represents FIFA in this case. Ligue 1 could therefore be the first championship to democratize this.

to summarize

Ligue 1 referees could soon be the first to be equipped with microphones for French championship matches, an unprecedented experience in Europe. The majority of the arbitrators voted for this experiment.

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