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Reims: controversial decisions, penalties, nerves … Crazy end of the match in Marseille!


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The end of the match between OM and Reims turned into a totally crazy scenario, ultimately allowing OM to equalize in extremis. In ten minutes, several strong decisions had a decisive impact on the final score.

The first, the red Bamba Dieng, did not suffer frankly from challenge, his tackle from behind resulting in a logical expulsion just minutes after coming into play (85th). However, this did not prevent Jorge Sampaoli from being absolutely furious on the sidelines. In the process, a nudge in his own area of ​​Caleta-Car in the face of a Reims player seemed to result in a sufficiently obvious penalty. But the intervention of the VAR did not ultimately give anything, to the surprise of the Reims bench.

Who fell into a real anger when a few moments later, an intervention by Gravillon, touching Payet in the face in the box, brought a penalty for OM. Oscar Garcia’s enormous anger against the referee did not change anything, the Marseille number 10 finally equalized, Gravillon ended up expelled and Younes Abdelhamid, after the match, even felt “robbed” at the microphone of Prime Video. .

to summarize

The match between OM and Reims fell into total madness for a few minutes, between the expulsion of Bamba Dieng and the equalizing penalty from Payet … With the Rémois who can legitimately consider themselves aggrieved by the scenario.

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