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Rothen pays for OM and McCourt!


The recent remarks made by Frank McCourt about the financial power of PSG have obviously not been to the liking of Jérôme Rothen.

Frank McCourt had a message to get across this weekend. Present at the microphone of France 24, the owner ofOlympic Marseille complained about the lack of fairness in football. Blame it on the colossal means put in by the owners from the Persian Gulf, including those obviously from the PSG. Means such as they constitute a form of unfair competition for other European clubs.

« There is no sport that is more important in the world than European football. I am not against the influx of money into this sport. I have invested a lot in OM. But you have to understand that sport is about the fans and the athletes, not the checkbook. That’s why I opposed the Super League… With my wife, we are nothing compared to a State. It is important, however, that there is some level of fair competition. America is considered a very capitalist state, but in sports leagues we try to have fair competition. However, in Europe, a continent which is supposed to offer a more social form of capitalism, football is the Wild West! Reforms are needed ”, he said.

And if some did not fail to applaud the words of the American businessman, the exit of the boss of OM did not convince Jérôme Rothen. Quite the contrary. The former midfielder took the opportunity to recall the virgin record of Ciel et Blanc since the acquisition of the club by Frank McCourt. And this while at the same time, some much less endowed clubs have managed to dethrone PSG. « Since he has been there, three clubs have won titles: Lille, Monaco and Rennes. What prevents OM from being in these three teams? Stop hiding behind Qatar money! », he replied, in turn angering some Marseille supporters.

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