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Seko Fofana sends a strong message to Didier Deschamps


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Not selected by Didier Deschamps for the next meeting with the France team, Jonathan Clauss responded on the ground. The right side, ubiquitous against Troyes, performed an XXL performance. The native of Strasbourg scored a goal, and delivered two assists. Seko Fofana, his teammate, sent a message to Didier Deschamps.

“Special mention for Jonathan Clauss, he proved everything, I think he’s the best side at the moment. He’s been blowing up everything for two years. I hope he will continue, he is decisive. It hurts me a bit when I don’t see him in the France team. I hope he will go. He deserves it. It is important to us. You can ask all guys the question, everybody thinks the same. If the manager can hear me, I hope he will. He always gives his all, he’s a great guy on the outside, he deserves to be rewarded. We talk about it often, I believe it. I thought it was the match in Lyon that would bring him to the France team but it didn’t happen. You have to keep working, he always had the right mentality. It is not someone who has taken the big head or who thinks only about it. He deserves to go but I am not a coach, I wish him to go by the end of the season, ”said the captain of the Sang et Or after the match against Troyes.

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Seko Fofana did not hesitate to send a message to Didier Deschamps after the good performance of Jonathan Clauss against Troyes. The defender delivered two assists and scored a goal.

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