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Sergio Ramos, injections with serious consequences


Now 35 years old, Sergio Ramos, who arrived at PSG last summer but was only able to play 3 matches, now has recurring physical problems after forcing throughout his career.

A first match on November 28, just 4 months after his signing, then a half-time against amateurs in the Coupe de France and an entry into play, Wednesday in Lorient (1-1), punctuated by an exclusion… It’s not much say that the results of Sergio Ramos to PSG is for the moment of great poverty. Will the Rouge et Bleus be able to count on the immense experience of the 35-year-old Spanish veteran during the major meetings of the second part of the season? Not sure…

For more than a year, the central defender has struggled to avoid muscle glitches and therefore to chain matches by being the incredible defensive rock he was. Repeated injuries that are ” quite disturbing »For Fred Hermel, the correspondent of The team and RMC in Madrid, who knows well the former captain of the Merengues left free last spring. ” The problem is his knee, with a stability that is not the same, supports that are no longer the same and therefore what we call the famous compensations. Him, his muscle fragility is on the calves “, Details the journalist in the After Foot, recalling that Ramos had recourse to” a lot of infiltrations and painkillers in his careerre » car « it’s someone never wanted to stop ».

Injections = operation

A closer look, Sergio Ramos has indeed chained many seasons to 50 matches with Real and Seleccion and even exercises at 67 and 62 official matches in 2010-2011 and 2012-2013! He who was launched at 17 in the pros in Seville and at 18 in the national team, a few months before his arrival at Casa Blanca.

And, in recent years, Andalusians have indeed resorted to painkillers. Last February, he received 4 knee injections to compete in the Spanish Supercup. He had been forced to undergo surgery immediately. In 2017, for the Champions League final against Juventus, he calmed his knee and shoulder pain with corticosteroid injections. He had also tested positive before being cleared by UEFA, the Real Madrid having incorrectly filled in the form during the anti-doping test.

In doubt about his body, despite his exemplary professionalism, Sergio Ramos will try to prepare thoroughly over the next 2 months to be able to challenge his former Madrid teammates in the knockout stages of the Champions League. The first leg is scheduled for February 15 at the Parc des Princes. Without resorting to infiltrations which are not without consequences in the medium and long term.

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