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“Shameful”, “shabby”, Maguire takes dear for his gesture


By celebrating his goal against Albania with his hands behind his ears, Harry Maguire did not silence the critics about him. Quite the contrary …

With a hat-trick from Harry Kane, and five goals scored in the first period, England easily dominated Albania (5-0) on Friday night in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. But many observers did not like the reaction ofHarry Maguire after the first goal. The Manchester United defender ran for the corner post, hands behind ears. A gesture that made a lot of talk …

“He puts his hands behind his ears, as if he wants to silence the critics. I think it’s ridiculous railed Roy Keane on ITV. He has been ashamed over the last few months with Manchester United and he thinks that by scoring against Albania he will silence the critics. Ridiculous. “

Politician George Galloway was even more vocal on Twitter: « Maguire is a lousy character unfit to be a club or country captain. His gesture tonight was a premeditated insult to Manchester United supporters ”.

The player, bought 87 million euros in 2019, wanted to defend himself. “No, it wasn’t aimed at anyone, it was a slip on my knees, and I put my hands over my ears, Maguire confided in a post-game interview. I am the captain of Manchester United, of course I will receive criticism when the team is not doing well. I fully expect it, but it wasn’t aimed at anyone. “

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