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Switzerland dreams of the world title!


After eliminating France at the Euro, Switzerland deprived Italy of a direct ticket for the next World Cup. And the Nati feels growing wings …

This year 2021 will remain as a great vintage for Switzerland. After a good Euro, marked by a qualification for the quarter-finals at the expense of the French world champions, the Helvetians had a nice shot on Monday evening by qualifying for the 2022 World Cup at the expense of the Italian European champions, condemned to go through the dams.

After the end of the Vladimir Petkovic era, the Nati managed to regenerate under the leadership of Murat Yakin. “Switzerland has shown two things, observes Dominique Blanc, the Central President of the Swiss Football Association, in the columns of the Morning. First, that it continually produces great talents thanks to the quality of our training. The real star of the national team is the team itself, it is the strength of the group, beyond the individualities that make it up. It is also the victory of an extended team. From players on the pitch to substitutes, from staff to management, everyone counts; everyone, in their own role, is important. (…) With the integration of the new ones, Switzerland will be confronted with the problems of the rich! “

Casually, after having played only one World Cup between 1970 and 2002, this is the fifth time in a row that the Nati has won its place for the World Cup. “You get used to it but it does not go without saying, observes the boss of Swiss football. This shows that Switzerland has become a real football country, which is reflected in an extraordinary popular craze. ” And while they had never passed the knockout stages of the World Cup in the recent past, Switzerland is starting to dream big, and envision the final victory in 2022. “It’s absolutely possible, yes, ignites Dominique Blanc. The planets have aligned well so far. So yes, the team wants to be world champion. “

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