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the commission explains itself, Chapron reveals the enormous pressures on the referee!


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Yesterday, the day was punctuated by the latest information on incidents between OL and OM. The disciplinary committee, first of all, took the first decisions by striking hard since the Groupama Stadium will no longer welcome supporters as a precaution, which will already concern the reception of Reims on December 1, while the case is now under investigation.

“In this type of case, the instruction is mandatory in view of the regulations because the match did not go to an end. It is quite simply the procedure “, explained the president of the disciplinary committee to the Team, which announces that big sanctions could fall against the OL,” especially since the incident took place at the very beginning. match without there being any problems on the ground between the two teams or Marseille provocations ”.

In addition, the former referee Tony Chapron made revelations on the set of the Late Football Club. Throwing a big rant on the pressures undergone by referee Ruddy Buquet. ” It’s scandalous. I am horrified by the words of the president and the state authorities, ”said the former referee, revealing that Buquet notably saw the Prefect put him under pressure on the fact that a stoppage of the match represented a huge risk of disturbance. public order, before letting the referee decide alone the fate of an entire evening and its 55,000 spectators.

to summarize

Continuation of the incident file between OL and OM, with the explanations of the disciplinary committee and the big revelations of Tony Chapron. The former referee has indeed revealed the great pressure to which Ruddy Buquet has been the subject.

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