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the latest leaks on Neymar’s surprise injury


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It’s a cold shower that PSG supporters did not expect. After having shone with Brazil in his last match against Uruguay, Neymar visibly came back injured, injured in the groin and not able to play the entire session yesterday, leaving his partners at the time of the tactical set-up.

Neymar a priori present against OM

Mauricio Pochettino, the PSG coach who presented himself in the wake, was rather reassuring by evoking an absence of the order of only a few days. An optimism which is confirmed this morning by reading the Team of the day.

Indeed, the daily ensures that on the side of PSG, the concern was quite low, especially in anticipation of the Classic Sunday against OM. “We wanted to be rather reassuring, insisting that the pain felt by the Brazilian number 10 was not intense. And that the decision responded to a desire not to take any risk with a player who was not 100%, ”explains the Team.

to summarize

Neymar, the Brazilian star of PSG, had to give up the Champions League meeting against Leipzig on Tuesday evening. Injured, the Parisian striker is spared. Within the club, there is some optimism for the next few days.

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