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When Amazon Prime is renamed … Thierry Henry TV!


Zapping Our Mondial Top10 Ligue1 Scorers – Day 13

It was one of the most commented events of the evening. After the end of the meeting between OL and OM following the bottle throwing on Dimitri Payet, Prime Video had to “furnish” the evening for more than three hours of live, the majority without any information. On the front line, we found Thierry Henry, author of a performance noticed by viewers, quickly arriving in Top Tweet.

And this morning, to ride the wave and try to play down the situation, the official Twitter account decided to rename itself “Thierry Henry TV”, to the delight of Internet users.

to summarize

After the sad event that occurred during OL – OM, Amazon Prime tried to play down the situation this morning by renaming itself … Thierry Henry TV, enough to provoke the hilarity of Internet users after the difficult evening at Amazon.

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