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Mandanda supported by OM supporters


Dismissed by Jorge Sampaoli for a month, Steve Mandanda can at least count on the support of Olympian fans.

While he is the oldest player in the Marseille squad and also the one with the most matches in the history of the club, Steve Mandanda has found himself excluded from the Marseille starting lineup for about a month. Jorge Sampaoli, the trainer, prefers Pau Lopez.

The situation is certainly difficult for the person concerned, even if he has not complained publicly. At 36, he finds himself playing the role of replacement that he has hardly ever known in his career. A downgrade which also cost him his place in the selection. Didier Deschamps having removed him from his group for the October matches.

According to the revelations made by L’Equipe, the “Fenomeno” would drag his spleen in the Olympian locker room. He does not understand the treatment reserved for him, let alone the timing of his ouster.

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Mandanda is not alone in his fight

And he’s not the only one in the dark. This is also the case for a good part of the Olympian supporters. The Dodgers group, for example, came forward to denounce the “Unfair treatment” suffered by one of the team’s executives.

In a letter posted to social media, this historic group called Mandanda’s sidelining as “The only downside in a sky that is blue again”. “Knowing that the only criteria are sports, how to explain this situation? Mandanda has always been exemplary, as a player, as a teammate, and above all, as an exemplary road captain. It is a lack of respect, especially since there is no logical explanation to justify this decision. Let’s just hope that the long story that links him to OM will not end on this negative note. Il Fenoméno deserves better than this end in anonymity ”, could we also read in the press release.

While siding with their favorite goalkeeper, the Olympians fans still underlined the very good work that is currently being done by the management and also the coach: “Eight months after the incidents of the Commanderie, OM are the dolphin of PSG and the game played by the men of Sampaoli enchants the supporters but also the observers. like in the days of another madman, Marcelo Bielsa. “


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