Marseille: Van Buyten tells his memories with Bernard Tapie

The former Marseille defender, recruited from La Canebière by the Boss, remembers the character Bernard Tapie very well.

The death of Bernard Tapie continues to cause many reactions, especially among former players of Olympique de Marseille who knew him.

While preparing to play the “match of legends” as part of a charitable action, Daniel van Buyten confided in an interview with Le Provence, evoking his memories alongside the Boss.

“During the first contacts we had, he said to me: ‘I will make you one of the best central defenders in the world. But, for your progress, you have to leave Belgium.’ He had such strong words that for me there was no longer any doubt. The transfer was made. “, says the man who joined the Old Port in 2001 from Standard de Liège.

“In my head, I wanted Marseille because the speeches are important, and when you feel that the lyrics are correct and unfiltered, they take you. I’m someone who attaches a lot of importance to that, I was happy to be able to join Marseille. “

The Belgian has therefore known Tapie as closely as possible for several seasons. “The memory, it is enormous, exceptional. I had very good moments with him, as well as a leader as a personality or as a sensitive person. He sometimes held speeches in front of the group, where it touches you personally and you realize the charisma of the boss “, he says again.

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“It is not by chance that he has achieved so many good things in his life and in his career. (…) I came under his orders here. Marseille was a springboard in my career, for the future. of my journey. I am grateful for that. I had an amazing time at this club. “

Tributes to Tapie have multiplied since his disappearance, like Didier Deschamps: “What he wanted was to win, to be the best in all areas. You know what happened including with OM. We are a lot of players to have known this coronation to be He went abroad afterwards. We had a great career. He wasn’t there just to be there but to win. That was his character.

“I’m not going to go into the precise details but he is a character who marked football and other areas. The fact of having rubbed shoulders with him marked me on certain things that he said to me. corresponded to a special management because each one has his own personality. He cannot be indifferent whether one agrees or not. He had a faculty to express himself. I had privileged discussions with him which made me feel better. made to think over and over again. “


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