Matuidi can’t believe Messi, targets Pochettino’s main problem

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In an interview with Prime Video, midfielder Blaise Matuidi evokes PSG and the new change of course this summer with an XXL Mercato and the arrival of Lionel Messi. Himself very surprised to see the Pulga land, Matuidi nevertheless believes that the hardest part remains for Paris.

Because according to him, Pochettino has his work cut out for him to find a balance in this team. “Two years ago I would have been told Messi in Paris I would not have believed him. It’s extraordinary, Ligue 1 benefits from it, I hope he will do good things. I remain a fan of PSG and if they manage to put individualities at the service of the collective, they will be unbeatable. But that’s the difficulty for a coach like Pochettino to manage these individualities. You have to know how to manage them. Although I think all coaches would love to have these issues, ”said Matuidi.

to summarize

Blaise Matuidi, the Inter Miami midfielder who passed through PSG, keeps a close eye on what is happening within the capital club. Under the spell of the arrival of Messi, the French environment also evokes the work of Pochettino.

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