Mbappé, figures that speak volumes


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    Kylian Mbappé

    The Blues striker seems to be offside on the winning goal against Spain.

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    Kylian Mbappé

    The referees awarded the goal as Eric Garcia touched the ball with a tackle.

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    Kylian Mbappé

    Who no longer seems too offside in this image …

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    Kylian Mbappé (5,5)

    The scorer of the French coronation! After being the most impactful player of the EDF Thursday, the 22-year-old prodigy showed little sign and did not ensure his passes, before waking up on the hour mark. He missed two opportunities ( 67th and 72nd) then went to goal, on the edge of offside, to give the advantage to his team (80th).

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    Hugo Lloris (6)

    The captain of the Blues saved his family with two saves at the end of the match (88th and 95th). Despite that, he clearly contributed to the pitiful performance of his team by being catastrophic in his raises. He obviously had instructions to lengthen the game (which was not necessarily the right choice) and lacked precision.

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    Jules Koundé (5.5)

    The young defender has a remarkable reading of the game. He sprang to thwart the opposing plans. However, he had a bad streak as the hour mark approached, with a loss of the ball (53rd) and a tackle which earned him a warning (55th).

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    Raphaël Varane (4,5)

    Already little to his advantage against Belgium, the defensive leader of the Blues has suffered again. Caught up in speed or late, he was not successful in his defensive interventions until his muscle injury at the end of the first period (43rd).

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    Dayot Upamecano (4)

    A failed entry from the colossus of Bayern. Launched in the 43rd minute of the meeting in place of Varane, he was often at the limit and used his speed to catch up and this, before being erased by Oyarzabal on the opening scoring (64th). He also missed his revival on the Spanish occasion of the 88th.

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    Presnel Kimpembe (5.5)

    Not necessarily feverish, however, he made small mistakes in the first period against the Spanish speed. He then responded present in the second period on the opposing centers. He is better in this kind of duels.

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    Benjamin Surname (5)

    In the position of right side in the defensive phase, he rather suffered without failing. In the game, he worked well, sometimes throwing himself very high, but failed to shine. Was he still in a good position? Pogba gave him hell in the 50th minute.

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    Paul Pogba (7)

    The Blues did not put the game down in the first period and “La Pioche” was therefore not the hub of his team. He rather tried to launch offensives by his long game, as for Benzema (6th). Then, exactly as against Belgium, his activity was enormous in the second half. The leader of the team.

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    Aurélien Tchouaméni (7)

    A pretty impressive game in recovery. He was present from the start in the middle battle and even increased in power over the course of the meeting in the duels, with in particular a magnificent intervention in the area (56th).

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    Théo Hernandez (6)

    Not often found on the left wing and rarely launched in this corridor, as against the Belgians, the Milanese however left a mark on this match, with a strike on the crossbar (64th) and an assist for Mbappé on goal of victory (80th).

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    Antoine Griezmann (5)

    Number 10 of 3-4-1-2, he helped the midfielder in the defensive work, especially in the first period. In the game, with a cool head, he mainly served as a relay at the start of the actions and evolved a little far from the zone of truth to change the meeting.

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    Karim Benzema (6,5)

    Still a little discreet, since he tried not to win too much in the Griezmann area. In pressing, he did not give up, but ran into a vacuum for a long time, before being lethal in the second half. He found Theo Hernandez who hit the crossbar (64th) before equalizing with an exceptional curled shot (64th). He even shifted Mbappé perfectly in the area (72nd).

The quantified record of Kylian Mbappé at the end of the Final Four of the League of Nations is impressive.

The trophy for best player escaped him, since it was awarded to Sergio Busquets. Corn Kylian Mbappé finished the Nations League Final Four with an impressive record.

There are already his two goals, which make him the best director of this mini-tournament tied with Karim Benzema. We must add the two assists counted on the two goals of Benzema. Finally, even if he may have known a certain technical waste, Mbappé was the best performing player of the tournament according to an algorithm used by UEFA to judge the performance of the players. The No. 10 des Bleus thus arrives in the lead ahead of Benzema and Mikel Oyarzabal.

In particular, there is one area in which Mbappé excelled: dribbling. In legs, the PSG player was poison for a bullet in the foot for the opposing defenders, especially the Belgians. In the end, Mbappé managed no less than 20 dribbles. That’s twice as much as any other player in this Final Four. He is ahead of Yannick Carrasco and Paul Pogba (10 dribbles), while Yeremi Pino, who entered twice during the game for Spain, managed to place 9 dribbles in a minimum of time.

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