Mbappé, Giroud’s awkwardness

If Olivier Giroud regretted the role of the media in the quarrel which opposed him to Kylian Mbappé during the preparation for the Euro, Nicolas Anelka considers that the Savoyard did indeed make a mistake.

Asked, Tuesday, in the columns of the Guardian, Olivier Giroud returned at length to his remarks made after the match against Bulgaria. Author of a double in the last minutes of the meeting, there was however regretted “The balloons that do not arrive” despite his calls. Statements which had provoked a real controversy and the anger of Kylian Mbappé, the former Monegasque taking them for himself.

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« It was for me, I was concerned “, Recently confided the Parisian striker to the evocation of this quarrel with the former Gunner, nevertheless trying to minimize the incident:” Me, I was disappointed two days. It’s the truth. “According to Olivier Giroud, the case was indeed quickly closed, at least between the two men, the native of Chambéry assuring him that he was not targeted. ” It was such a small thing. He (Mbappé) was a little upset for a few days even though I assured him that I was not pointing the finger at him, he explained in an interview with the Guardian. JI didn’t mean to be hard on anyone. I had just answered a question where a journalist told me after the game: ‘Oh, you were very discreet but you scored two goals.’ It’s always like the media is trying to piss me off. I just said, ‘Yeah, maybe we could’ve found each other a different way.’ That’s all. The media tried to inflate it and say that it ruined the atmosphere within the team. But come on! We had an adult conversation and it was no problem. “

Olivier Giroud’s explanations did not convince Nicolas Anelka. The former player remains convinced that the Milanese made a mistake in expressing himself thus. “I think there is also a lack of consideration. We have always said that Olivier Giroud was there because Karim Benzema was not there. The fact that Karim is coming back has turned everything upside down. He wanted to express himself, but he expressed himself poorly on this. It made a little history within the France team. The fact that behind the Blues do not win, it brought out stories “, he confided to the microphone of RMC Sport. An opinion shared by Jérôme Rothen. « I don’t blame Giroud but Mbappé would have liked him to tell him things immediately after the match. It was Giroud who added fuel to the fire and it’s a bit disturbing to come back to that a few months later ”, he thus abounded.

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