OM – Sampaoli, his future, the Classico: Dimitri Payet confides

The Phocéens playmaker has poured out his relationship with the Argentinian, his start to the season and his future with Olympique de Marseille.

Author of five goals in Ligue 1 since the start of the season, Dimitri Payet has shown a very good level since the start of the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The OM playmaker embodies the project of the Phocéens, he who extended until 2024 announced as a “Marseillais for life”. In an interview with L’Equipe, Dimitri Payet spoke about his future and once again declared his love for Olympique de Marseille.

OM: the Phocéens make Didier Drogba happy this season

“I’m working to hold out until 2024, I know I’ll have to adapt like I did recently, but everything will have to be aligned to keep me at a certain level. I feel great. ‘often asked the question at the end of last season to know if I did not regret my choice. But I know why I am doing it, I know where I am. I did not choose the easy way, I could have gone for it a last contract … I wanted to register here in the long term as a player, until I felt that I could no longer. And then, I wanted to give otherwise to make this club grow even more“, explained Dimitri Payet.

The playmaker is happy with his relationship with Jorge Sampaoli: “In fact with Sampaoli, we spoke once and we won’t need to do it again. He just asked me to be myself and be happy. Yes, to be happy, exactly. I have the impression that he already knew me when he told me that. With Sampaoli, there is more dialogue. He’s closer to the players, he even messes with us sometimes. We can exchange. If the executives think that this or that should be corrected, he knows how to listen. He yells when you can’t reproduce something he wants to put in place. When we can hear him, he encourages us to go forward, to play, always. We don’t complain about it, on the contrary “.

“All the teams can be taken”

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Dimitri Payet is ready for battle for the next Classico against Paris Saint-Germain and his armada: “All the teams can be taken. They’ve grown stronger and have high goals, but so do we. It will be a Champions League match, we will fight with our weapons, our new way of playing. It will be exciting because there are so many new things. It will be the coach’s first, they have new players, so do we. ”

Why OM can’t do it anymore

Finally, he returned to the incidents during Nice-OM: “If I stay lying down, I tell myself that I will take more in the face. After, if I do not get up, the match, we win it 3-0. I can go out with a neck brace and the story, she is settled. But my reaction is human. In view of the decisions that followed and the events that followed on other grounds, we are never going to get out of it. We had to make decisions precisely. in Nice was the opportunity to put an end to all that. But the sanctions of the disciplinary committee were not up to the task.“.

“I was affected for a few days. Me, I am a victim normally. And I was judged as a victim and guilty. And that, I did not digest it. After, it is not my first commission. I have rarely come back from Paris happy. But this is one too many times. Unfortunately, after these decisions, I knew that we had started on big nonsense and I was not wrong. ‘were right. As long as we don’t make real decisions … “, concluded Dimitri Payet.


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