PSG: Javier Pastore validates the choice of Lionel Messi

The Argentine considers that his compatriot made the right choice by joining the club in the capital this summer.

Two months later, many still find it hard to believe it: Lionel Messi has indeed become a Paris Saint-Germain player this summer. Author of his first goal with the capital club against Manchester City, the Argentinian is gradually adapting to his new Parisian life. In an interview with RMC, Javier Pastore returned to the choice of Lionel Messi to sign for Paris Saint-Germain this summer. If this choice surprised him all the same, he considers it the right one.

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“I was a little surprised (of his signing at PSG, editor’s note) because I sincerely thought he was going to stay in Barcelona, ​​When the news came out that he could not stay, I already knew that the only one team that could take him was PSG. Not just for the money, but also for the city, the quality of life and a lot of things. It was the best option for him to join PSG. Now we is a supporter not only of PSG, but also of Messi.It’s a club where I played and it makes me happy that the best player in the world plays there too“, analyzed Javier Pastore.

“They are players who transmit something even by watching them. There are not many like that. He is an extraordinary player. He can do an action to win a match, as we saw in the last one. Champions League game (against Manchester City), he accelerated, passed and scored like it was easy to play football. He can make the difference on his own. Even though he is 35 years old, we continue to see that he can make the difference“, added El Flaco.

“My last visit to the Park? I wanted to cry”

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Javier Pastore praised the professionalism of Lionel Messi: “I was 19 when I started for the national team (29 caps, 2 goals) and I was already seeing him in training, in bodybuilding. You know he’s the best player in the world and you can see him. train two hours before, in the weight room, he does his stuff. When you see that, that means that the kids or us – the normal players – need to do that a lot more to be next to him. is something that players like Leo pass on “.

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The first major recruit of the QSI era, Javier Pastore, now in Elche, retains a special place in the hearts of Parisian supporters. Author of cannon debuts with PSG, the Argentinian quickly put the Parc des Princes public in the pocket and many still have a lot of respect and love for him. This summer, Javier Pastore had also received a warm welcome when he came to the Parc des Princes to attend the presentation of Lionel Messi. A memory he does not forget.

“It’s wonderful. I am still shown a lot of love. Sincerely. I even remember my first games at the Park, it was exceptional. I don’t know how to explain it, but it touches me a lot. The last one. times at the Park with the supporters, it was impressive. I wanted to cry, but I can’t do it in front of people. It doesn’t come out! But when I arrived at the hotel with my wife, I I was very touched It was an exceptional feeling“, concluded Javier Pastore.


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