PSG: Neymar “gaining momentum”

Habib Beye consultant of Canal + and coach of Red Star FC believes that Neymar was not the only one responsible for his poor form.

Neymar gradually regains its splendor. Author of a double and a good impact in the game of the Parisians during the Bordeaux-PSG meeting this Saturday, the Brazilian star delivered what seems to be his best performance of the season with the Paris Saint Germain. In addition to this, consultants such as Habib Beye were quick to defend the Auriverde player concerning his poor form at the start of the season.

“I think he’s gaining momentum. The whole problem for Neymar is when he has no midfielders who come to bring him the ball in the last 30 meters. We have still seen him talk a lot with his circles. There is a quote that says: ‘Defenders go for water, midfielders bring it and attackers drink it’. The reality is that if he has to be the one who carries the water and the one who drinks it, that’s a problem. When found in the last 30 meters, he is an exceptional player who can change the course of a match on his own. We have seen too much of him coming down to Leipzig. I think there is annoyance when he has to drop out, because he knows he is not at the end of the actions. I think he spoke to his circles to tell them to take more responsibility for bringing him the ball ”, said the current coach of the Red Star FC.

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