Real Madrid angered Qatar, a big battle is ahead for Mbappé!

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It’s a bit of a calm before the storm. In a few weeks, more exactly from January 1, Kylian Mbappé will be free to choose his new challenge from next summer. As for Real Madrid, we are impatiently awaiting the French prodigy who wanted to land next summer, while not paying any transfer compensation.

Real Madrid walking on eggshells

But PSG, of course, will do everything to keep their striker as long as he has not officially packed up. A waiting position which will last several more months while the case seems to calm down recently. It must be said that according to the Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, Real Madrid are walking on eggshells with PSG.

In his podcast Here We Go, Romano indeed ensures that the Parisian leaders are very angry at the Madrid attitude, pushing the merengue club to keep a low profile for the moment. As for the PSG, it intends to try everything to reverse the file. “Real Madrid is currently silent because the Parisian leaders are furious with them! (…) PSG will fight until the last day to keep it ”, assures the Italian journalist quoted by Canal Supporters.

to summarize

While Real Madrid are still hoping to secure the arrival of Kylian Mbappé next summer, the Spanish club are being cautious for the moment. A strategy dictated by the difficult relations with the management of PSG who do not appreciate the maneuvers in Madrid.

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