Simeone calls on Atletico to “evolve and change” before facing Milan


Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone called on his players to “evolve and change” in order not to fall prey to his rivals, before facing Milan, today, Tuesday, in the group stage of the Champions League.

“We come from a season where the clubs know us and they work accordingly on our strengths,” Simeone said during the pre-match press conference.

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And he added, “We have to develop, change and look for other ways when we are in such cases,” referring to the first loss of the title holder this season in the Spanish League, which came against bottom-ranking Alaves, 0-1, last Saturday.

“In many of the matches we played, it seemed that the opposing team dominated the spaces,” the Argentine coach added.

Simeone called on his players to “maintain the strength that made us competitive”, after an unconvincing start to the continent following a goalless draw at home to Porto in the difficult Group B competition, which also includes, in addition to Milan, Liverpool.

Simeone is well aware of the importance of his next match against Milan, the seven-time Champions League winner, so he said before traveling to Italy, “It will be a difficult match during which we will have to try and take it to areas where we can hurt them.”

It is worth noting that Liverpool leads the second group in the Champions League, with three points, followed by Porto in second place with one point, equal with Atletico Madrid, who finished third, while Milan is bottom of the group without points.

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