The fuck anecdote of Demba Ba

Demba Ba’s astonishing anecdote about his transfer to West Ham and his goal against Liverpool following Gerrard’s mistake in 2014.

Demba Ba ended his career last September. During an interview for The Athletic, it was an opportunity for him to come back to some anecdotes of his football career.

This one delivered an exceptional anecdote concerning the episode of his transfer to West Ham, in 2011, from Hoffenheim. After a loan attempt at Stoke City, which ends in failure during the medical examination, the Hammers will ask him, in order to keep the secret about his transfer, to come to the training center hidden in a car trunk.

“They told me they didn’t want reporters to find out, so I obeyed. It was not a very large safe. It was ‘boom, boom’, I hit my head on every street corner ”, he said.

The former Senegalese striker also returns to his goal against Liverpool in 2014, following the error of Steven Gerrard, which cost the title of champion of Premier League in Liverpool.

“I didn’t realize how big a problem it was a few years later when people were still talking about it. They are still talking about it! It was traumatic for them. But we didn’t appreciate killing their dream, we just enjoyed winning, confided the Senegalese. What Steven Gerrard has done for the football world is great. But that’s life, unfortunately. Not all stories can end in fairy tales. ‘

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