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the Girondins smash the FFF!


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Since December 17, 21 Girondins de Bordeaux players have been infected with Covid-19. A situation which is far from ideal before facing Brest on behalf of the round of 16 of the Coupe de France this Sunday. The scapular club therefore requested the postponement of the meeting. A request to which the FFF did not respond favorably. The Girondins reacted in a press release.

“At this stage of the pandemic, we can no longer take the risk and we must protect everyone’s health as much as possible,” said the president of the FCGB, Gérard Lopez. The Covid is affecting some teams and it seems clear that the virus will affect the vast majority of clubs in the coming weeks. It is therefore essential to preserve the sporting interest of the competition and to take into account the fact that the teams cannot be subjected to this health hazard which distorts the situation. To this day, we continue to dialogue with the FFF to consider the best possible solutions in order to avoid offering a show that would not be worthy of the Coupe de France ”, we can read in the club’s press release.

to summarize

Angry with the FFF, Bordeaux issued a scathing statement. The Girondins are pushing a huge rant against the instance.

Clement Lefebvre

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