the incredible revelations of Kakuta and Clauss on their arrival at the Blood and Gold!

Zapping Our Mondial Top10 Ligue2 Scorers Day 10

Last year, when he recovered, we predicted a difficult season for RC Lens, whose primary objective was to stay in Ligue 1. Finally, the Artesians burst the screen and even almost caught Europe , only overtaken by Rennes on the evening of the 38th day, narrowly missing the Europa League Conference. This year, the RCL left on the same bases, being currently the dolphin of the PSG. All thanks to well-run mercatos with, among others, the arrivals of Jonathan Clauss and Gaël Kakuta. The two teammates have also made revelations about their arrival in Pas-de-Calais.

Kakuta and Clauss were only thinking of Lens!

In the program Le Vestiaire de RMC Sport, the Lensois right-back revealed that he only had Lens in mind, even if the club was not mounted: “I got into the Bundesliga with Bielefeld. They called me, they said: “we want you”. I asked if it was in Ligue 1 or in Ligue 2, they did not know yet. I told them: “ok, I’m coming”. Even Flo (Ghisolfi, sports director) says to me: “wait, you don’t know yet, maybe you will prefer the Bundesliga”. I said to him: “no it’s good, I’m coming“.

Same story with Gaël Kakuta, who wanted to return to his training club: “I admit that I too, having grown up here … I had other proposals when I was in Amiens and as soon as I was told Lens, I said it’s good. I was told about other clubs, but I wanted to know nothing. Even for free, I don’t care. I have to go to Lens. Obligatory ! Forced to make my return to Lens“.

to summarize

While Jonathan Clauss and Gaël Kakuta are two pillars of RC Lens, the two teammates shared anecdotes about their arrival in Pas-de-Calais by revealing that they only had the Sang et Or in mind at the time of their signing.

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