the Saudis ready to settle a PSG concern with a big check?

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In recent days, it has been madness on the side of Newcastle with the officialization of the resumption of the club. The Saudi owners have landed and inevitably, the supporters of Magpies now have the highest hopes for the future of the club. It starts with a recruitment that everyone hopes will be ambitious, especially as the rumors were quick to emerge.

Navas in Newcastle’s sights?

And the PSG could here see the opportunity to resolve a thorny problem. Indeed, with Donnarumma arrived at the club and Navas who did not consider a departure for a second last summer, Mauricio Pochettino must manage a complicated management between two goalkeepers of global dimension. But here is that according to the Telegraph, Keylor Navas would be on the shelves of Newcastle.

Could the Saudi project be enticing enough to push Navas to pack his bags? Beginning of verdict next January when another Parisian player is announced on the shelves: Mauro Icardi, the Argentine striker reduced to the role of Kylian Mbappé’s lining.

to summarize

The arrival of Saudi owners near Newcastle is an opportunity for some to consider good sales. And in particular the PSG … Indeed, the English club would have in particular a certain Keylor Navas in the viewfinder. What to solve the problem of competition?

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