the scathing focus of the Sergio Ramos clan!

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Arrived in July at PSG, Sergio Ramos has still not started his adventure in Paris. Delayed by uncertain physical condition and a calf injury that delayed his preparation, the Spanish defender has not played a minute in an official match for several months. This inevitably pushes to ask questions.

René Ramos refutes a possible termination

In recent weeks, rumors have not failed to flow, even going so far as to mention an early breach of contract! But his brother and agent, René Ramos, put things very clearly in the columns of El Mundo. “Sergio Ramos will neither retire nor break his contract with PSG. There is no doubt about it. He will play as soon as he can, ”tried to reassure the brother of the Parisian defender.

to summarize

Sergio Ramos, the central defender of PSG, has not always officially started his adventure in Paris. A trend that worries. However, René Ramos, the player’s brother and agent, was keen to put things very clearly.

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