The team is controversial in Belgium

The front page of L’Equipe, last Friday the day after the victory of the Blues over the Red Devils, caused an outcry across Quiévrain. The editor-in-chief Frédéric Waringuez explains this Monday to a Belgian media.

« The seum, twice “. This is the title that crossed the front page of L’Equipe on Friday, the day after the stunning victory of the Blues in front of the Belgium, in the semifinals of the League of Nations (3-2). A reference obviously to the triumphant half of the France team at the expense of the Devils, already at the 2018 World Cup. Not without diverting the famous expression – “once” – which we willingly lend to our Belgian neighbors to punctuate each of their sentences.

This resolutely provocative front page of L’Equipe was sure to make France smile. In addition to Quiévrain, however, not everyone laughed, far from it. This Monday, thus, the editor-in-chief of the aroused sports daily Frédéric Waringuez was invited to justify himself within the framework of the televised news of the Belgian-Luxembourg channel RTL-TVI. ” It was a little wink, a touch of humor, a little provocation. There is no problem in praising the sporting qualities of Belgium in football as elsewhere. Obviously, we are French and a little chauvinistic, it’s natural », Blows the latter.

The expression of French arrogance?

The debate, however, took place internally, confesses the journalist. ” The writing was a bit mixed. Some appreciated the wink and smiled at it. Others found it cruel and that we could have titled the beautiful victory of the Blues and the game which is undoubtedly the best for the French team since the World Cup. However, we should not see in this any desire for nastiness vis-à-vis the Belgians and Belgium. Sometimes, the titles go a little beyond the intentions we put in them. »

Some have been touched, even offended, if we judge the reaction of the editor of the newspaper Le Soir, Christophe Berti. ” When we rejoice more in the defeat of our adversary than in the beauty of their victory, we have a problem. It goes for everyone, all the time … », Tweeted this last Friday morning. Journalist at Trends-Tendances, a business magazine, Frédéric Brebant goes much further in criticism: ” Very good title, he believes. However, which demonstrates the legendary arrogance of France and the newspaper L’Equipe which prefers to headline the opponent who has one knee on the ground rather than saluting the “feat” of the Blues. The air of nothing, this One encourages hatred of the other, of the stranger. The “zemmourisation” is underway. Or when France rhymes with rancid … An interpretation at least excessive, totally refuted by Frédéric Waringuez.

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