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After leaving social networks last March, ex-footballer Thierry Henry denounced on Tuesday in Lisbon the toxicity of these platforms and announced that he intended to continue his commitment against online harassment by forging partnerships with the equipment manufacturer Puma and the Game of Our Lives Foundation.

After leaving social networks to denounce their toxicity, ex-footballer Thierry Henry announced Tuesday, November 2 in Lisbon that he would continue his commitment against online harassment alongside a sports equipment manufacturer and an NGO.

“We need the help of people in high places (…). We must come together to make sure that these people will, for example, pass a law and make these platforms more responsible for what happens there”, a declared the former glory of Arsenal and the France team.

The 1998 world champion announced on Tuesday in the Portuguese capital his partnership with the Puma brand and the Game of Our Lives foundation on the occasion of the Web Summit, the annual high mass of the digital economy and new technologies.

“They are not doing enough”

Since he deactivated his social media accounts last March, Thierry Henry explained that he did not feel the lack of it and that he was not ready to return to it.

“They are not doing enough. They are not really trying to change anything,” the 44-year-old former striker, currently assistant coach of Belgium, told a press conference.

The Web Summit opened on Monday evening, with a much-anticipated intervention from whistleblower and former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who accused the American company of putting profits above the well-being of its users.

At the end of April, during a weekend, several sportsmen and clubs, mainly English, launched a movement to boycott social networks in order to protest against online insults, especially racist.

Alongside Thierry Henry on the main stage of the Web Summit, Puma Marketing Director Adam Petrick, however, explained that he was not considering this type of action.

“The platforms must be our partners in order to conduct a substantive discussion with a view to concrete actions. Some of them are making progress, (…) but not all and not enough”, he explained. .

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