Things are bad, “Neymar needs help”

While Neymar has left his motivation in doubt, Pierre Ménès believes that the Brazilian needs support more than criticism.

We must save the soldier Neymar! While the Brazilian has confided his moods, hinting that he could stop the Brazilian selection after the 2022 World Cup, because he felt tired of football, Pierre Ménès stepped up to defend the PSG striker, victim of an unfair controversy. “Shitting on Neymar is a national sport”, regrets Ménès in one of his videos on the Pierrot le Foot website.

“I hear some people criticize him for that: ‘With the money he earns …’ But what is the relationship between discomfort and money? You can be rich and famous and feel bad about yourself Menes pleads. It’s completely stupid to say that. There are rumors that he is drinking. But if this is the case, it may also be because it is not well. Because he is Neymar, he has no right to be depressed? “

According to Ménès, Neymar does not behave like a spoiled child but like a man who needs support. “It’s a problem that PSG must manage. The club must surround him so that he is better, that he rediscovers this joy which allows him to express his football. And if he does not succeed, he will break his contract and PSG will invest his salary in another player. But before getting there, Neymar needs help more than criticism “, considers the consultant.

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