Youth League: victorious against Leipzig, Xavi Simons leads PSG at the head of his group

After a clear victory and completely under control at the Camp des Loges, the trip of the PSG had everything of an autumnal ride. A deleterious lawn, a slightly overweight player placed in attack when he had played right side in Paris and a German formation which conceded 11 goals in 3 games … this meeting had to be a formality.

And it is not the first half hour of fire of the young Parisians which invalidates this idea: nine shots, an outrageous possession of the ball, luminous sequences and a high recovery. Leipzig was stifled by a more mobile Paris but, as it were, lacking in efficiency. From the fourth minute, Simons’ lobe brushed against the post then Gassama’s strike forced Nickish to relax (5th), before his ball which spun into the German goal was cleared by a defender (8th).

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After new frank situations, Michut opened the scoring, taking advantage of the passage of a delicious deviation from the Dutch midfielder (24th). And then the scenario so imagined collapsed after avoidable losses of balls. The first from Kari brought a first strike from Wosz, a round player. Michut’s second brought the equalizer of the same Wosz who was ahead of El Hannach (32nd). So blazing and suddenly so extinct. Warren Zaire Emery, very fair until then, even lost a few balls, when Gassama did not create real differences. Even after returning from the locker room, the young Parisians struggled to reproduce their possession game …

Simons woke everyone up

In the offensive transition, Paris was showing itself to be dangerous. First by Gassama who concluded a remarkable job by Simons for his second assist of the day (2-1, 56th). On a similar situation, he was even very close to offer a third to Gharbi, whose shot was deflected from the hand for Lell …

Red card and penalty that transformed the number 7 of a panenka (3-1, 62nd). While Manchester City and Bruges, tied but ahead of goal difference, clashed, Paris now had to heal the goal difference. And to do this, it was still necessary to ask Simons, who ideally served Gassama at the far post (4-1, 80th). Enough to take the lead of the group despite the victory of the Belgians in England (5-3). All with a little bit of advance.


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